Other Committees

Learner Council – Committee

This is the main body mandated to represent learners and their interests at NIHSS.

The learners elect the office bearers annually. They include:

  • The Chairperson
  • Vice-chairperson
  • Secretary and
  • Treasurer.

The council has the responsibility of promoting learner involvement and participation in all activities and initiatives put forward by the institute and its partners as well as providing a forum where learners can put forward issues of concern to them and where they can suggest areas for improvement.

The Chairperson of the Learner Council is also a member of the Governing Board.

Class/Group Representative

The learners elect them from each of their respective programme cohort.
They are responsible for the group and the coordination of different activities in which the group takes part. They are responsible to liaise with lecturers and the programme leader to ensure that the rules and regulations outlined in the learner handbook are adhered to.
They also represent the group on the Learner Council and may be elected as one of the above-mentioned office bearers.

Health and safety committee

To ensure a safe, healthy and conducive learning and working environment, NIHSS has in place Health and Safety committee and policy.

NIHSS health and safety policy applies to all learners, employees, parents, contractors and other visitors to NIHSS.

The Health and Safety committee is responsible for:

  • Seeking to identify hazards, assess risks and aspects of learning and workplace that may be unhealthy or unsafe;
  • Participating in workplace health and safety inspections;
  • Receiving complaints from learners and workers as to their concerns about health and safety;
  • Making recommendations to management to protect the health, safety, and welfare of workers and learners;
  • Establishing and promoting health and safety information, training/educational programs for leaners and workers;
  • Ensuring that behaviors of all persons at NIHSS is safe and without risks to health .

In order to achieve a safe, healthy and conducive learning and working environment at NIHSS, the following measures are in place: 

  • Health and safety policy;
  • Health and Safety Committee;
  • Procedures in case of fire; Fire extinguishers, Fire alarms, Fire assembly point, Security Cameras, First aid kits, Health and Safety information/banners/posters/Symbols;
  • Procedures in case of tsunami;
  • Emergency procedures;
  • Accident and hazard reporting procedures;
  • Induction of new learners and staff;
  • Rules of laboratory conduct;
  • Safe handling and storage of chemicals;
  • Leaners welfare support, to mention a few.


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