Director – Mr Ebrahim M. Ali

Deputy Director – Ms Cynthia Low-Fock

Programme Coordinator (Pre-Service Health) – Ms Jennyfer Lalande

Programme Coordinator (Pre-Service Social) – Ms Cheril Rose

Programme Coordinator (In-Service Training/CPD) – Mr Ralph Didon

Administrative Manager – Ms Aline Larue

Registrar – Mrs Mercianne Renaud

Quality Assurance Officer – Mr Leeroy Gedeon

Accountant – Ms Lana Agricole

Programme Leader (Nursing & Emergency Medical Care) – Mrs Flavie Dubel

Programme Leader (Course & Programme Development) – Mrs Merna Onezime

Programme Leader (Environmental Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physiotherapy) – Mr Michael Seleman

Programme Leader (Biomedical Laboratory Sciences, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition) – Ms Jeanne Fanny Al-Abdulla

Programme Leader (Access Programme and Health Care Assistant) – Ms Judith Brutus

Programme Leader for Work-Based Experience (WBE) – Ms Merna Figaro

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Ministry of Health
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